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Upload Instructions


The accepted file folders are official archive records of files that have been accepted by NRCan. These folders are only to be populated by BEC staff upon NRCan’s acceptance of files. Additionally, these folders are not reviewed looking for new uploads.

Downloading Official D files

Advisors are provided access to the accepted files folder to download files to their use for follow-up evaluations. When you need a D file for an evaluation, download the official accepted house files from the accepted files folder i.e navigate to the file(s) in the accepted files folder. Click on files to select them for download, them select the download button.

Advisors may select multiple files by the control+click function. Multiple files will be zipped together for download.

Uploading HSE and TSV file folders for BEC to upload to NRCan...

Select the file upload folder located in your files root directory. Then select the ‘Add files’ button, and navigate to the folder on your local machine with the zipped file you have named ‘files to submit’ and select the folder.

Our database has an file size limit of 8 megs so keep each zipped folder below this limit. You may add as many zipped folders to the upload queue as you wish. Once you have added all the desired folders to the queue select the ‘upload’ button. The files will be transferred to the BEC website.

Supporting Documents

Next navigate to the supporting docs folder on the BEC site, and select the add files button. Browse to the folder on your local machine with the zipped file you have named ‘supporting documents’ and select zipped folders, then hit upload button to submit.

File log and functionality

With the base version of Flash Uploader all activities are logged in a file log. In order to provide greater functionality and to allow for faster quality assurance reviews I have upgraded to a searchable database plugin to record all file transfer activities.  The files log now connects to a backend database that records every action within the file management system. If requested by NRCan we can provide them with a record of when an advisor submitted files.

end faq

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BEC introduces FREE introductory Green Building Consultation


Ask us about our free consultation. An initial consultation with BEC Consulting will allow you to become familiar our design optimization process, and the green certification options we provide. Our inspection and certification options are your assurance that the green features that we help to design into your home are properly incorporated into the home construction process.

Still not sure of the benefits from increased home performance? The sound design choices we help implement result in a high level of energy efficiency (EnerGuide 80+, 30% better than code) and exceptional performance in comfort, and durability, as well as providing the potential for greatly enhanced indoor air quality. Our experience over the past 20 years illustrates that these are the area that resonate most with homeowners.

Additionally, the payback from energy efficiency upgrades can help offset the costs to achieve exceptional performance in areas that do not have their own financial clear payback to the owner or builder such as environmentally responsible use of materials or water efficiency.

Many home buyers expect a typical code-built home to not only hold aesthetic appeal, but to also keep their family comfortable, safe, and operate at a high efficiency and low cost. Those of you who follow Mike Holmes hear that too often this isn't the case. Most people do not realize the building code represents the minimum performance standard acceptable; a code-built home is the lowest performing home that a builder can legally build, period.

How many consumers consider buying the base package on an automobile? How many manufacturers only offer a single engine package on a car model? How many dealers ignore a potential car buyers desire to discuss fuel efficiency and/or performance packages? Yet in the homebuilding industry sales agents routinely ignore opportunities to sell performance and upgrade opportunities to potential homebuyers. Our research demonstrates that this is due to the fact that most builders do not offer performance improvement packages or energy efficiency upgrades

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Benefits of owning a "Green" Home

The best person to explain the benefits of owning a high performance green home is someone who actually owns and lives in one.

The U.S. Green Building Council has a video on Vimeo where homeowners talk about their LEED certified homes.

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Designing for Energy Efficiency

Designing for Energy Efficiency requires knowledge, experience, and a disciplined design evaluation process.

The following video from Natural Resources Canada explains the EnerGuide Rating System and evaluation process used for NRCan housing programs.

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BEC is a professional green building consulting, certification and design firm. We work on residential new construction and major renovation projects pursuing exceptional energy and green performance.

Through the delivery of our services we help projects to achieve, and be recognized for, meeting high performance standards such as ENERGY STAR for New Homes, R-2000, LEED Canada for Homes, and Net Zero Energy.

For homeowners and projects in need of ecoENERGY Retrofit Homes services exclusively, BEC provides ecoENERGY evaluations to the same level of service our professional new homes clients demand, at rates that rival our value priced ecoENERGY competitors.

Our staff are specialists experienced in high performance ‘green’ homebuilding. They have a diverse knowledge base spanning building science, energy efficiency, and both interior and mechanical design.

With our shared expertise, BEC helps to originate designs that — improve occupant comfort, health and safety — reduce the cost of home ownership — and reduce the impacts of buildings on the environment.

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